A New Portfolio...

It's the Monday right after GXAustralia.  Very rarely do I come away from a con feeling so enriched and overjoyed (I still am).  It was both entertaining and informative - something I don't usually expect from conventions, since they're almost always there for the consumers, merchandising, advertising rather than any consideration for creators.  More importantly, GXAustralia was there for BOTH ends of the product line. 

On the Saturday, I'd left with a friend and met with amazing big names, (very surprising turn out for a convention's debut) including David Gaider, Tim Cain and Chris Avellone.

The thing I appreciate the most was because GX was just starting out, it was relatively small and very intimate.  Conventions don't usually let you just approach someone without having to wrangle and plead against a wall of volunteers forming a bodyguard line between you and a speaker.   Yet here I was, taking selfie after selfie with people I've looked up to for so long.

I'm unfortunately someone who almost always places idols on a pedestal and consequently dehumanise them in that way.  Being able to approach, say Tim Cain, was a real eyeopener in that respect.  Well, my eyes were wide open the entire convention from being star-stuck. 

Fangeeking aside, I really did enjoy everything they had to say in terms of representation in the video games industry.  It's no secret I've been trying to find that particular chink I fit best in the concrete wall that is the games industry.  They shared their shortcomings and successes, both as a developer and someone from the LGBTQIA community, either identifying or an ally.

It's ridiculous what we have to go through to be able to be considered worthy of not only having our opinions listened to, but also to even HAVE one.  We have to write 50 page essays as to why certain microaggressions, power systems made on oppressive foundations are so wrong to perpetuate in this society.  But knowing that there are these vastly talented people who have the power to change that from within the industry, are also so erudite and worldly to be able to help in that regard.

I've already tweeted endlessly as to my disappointment regarding GX's lack of POC speakers.  But I'm hoping with enough coverage to their debut success, they will be able to invite more of them to speak on behalf of cultures that need that critical voice from both within and without the industry.

Overall, the weekend is what inspired me to start this, hopefully more stable, anchor for both my works as well as my meanderings.

'Til next,