GXAustralia 2017 | Politicking.

First things first...

Did you know the Kickstarter for GXAustralia is up? They need every support they can muster in the next 48 hours! So please, even if you can't pledge, spread it around to friends and peers who might!

I've already pledged a hefty amount since I really do want to see this aspect of the game industry flourish, especially in Australia.


An Update on things:

It's been several months since I started this blog.  However it's been a challenge to maintain it because it does require monetary upkeep.  Between that and a mixture of financial and personal difficulties, it's certainly been a challenge to keep productive.

I'm quite a few terms into the Illustration Course, and to my surprise, this is the first time I've finished one entire 120+ page sketchbook.  I usually putter off after hitting the halfway mark and have a lot of unused halves of sketchbooks gathering dust in a corner of my study.  If you have any interest in Illustration, or want to hone your skills for any industry, I really suggest you look up Production Art Department

(Drawings from which, will eventually make its way here).

I've also been sitting on starting a Patreon.  Several peers and artists I look up to have invested in such, but I am at a loss as to what kind of products I can offer at the different amounts.  I've drafted a few ideas and it's sitting there on my Patreon as I type, however until I finalise payment options / tax papers, it's still up in the air.

Video Game Inclusivity

There's been a fair amount of diversity happening across the video game industry, much to my pleasure.  Between (non-sexualised) female protagonists like Emily from Dishonored 2, black protagonists such as in the upcoming Watch_Dogs 2, it's definitely been a refreshing change.  Don't get me wrong, a good story is still a good story regardless.  However respectful representation is a more important issue for me, than quality of narrative.

Much less can still be said of the Film and TV industry - though I suppose while its leaders remain entrenched in archaic conventions, change will come very slowly and erratically.  I heard the Ghostbusters movie was a success, but it was still far from perfect due to their treatment of the single token Woman of Color.

Politics Is A Thing

As of typing, the livestreaming of the US Presidential "Debate" (which is, pun intended, debatable) has just ended, and almost all of my social media is inundated with furious tweets, posts and blogs about Trump's rather juvenile attitude throughout the event.  

...pretty much sums up the amount of investment I have in US politics.  While USA still has a hefty finger in the proverbial Filipino Pie, a lot of what happens there will echo strongly among the populace in my home country.  

Granted I'm not even in Philippines anymore, but it's still something that matters to me, regardless of where I am.