Early Concept

Early Concept I

One of the core designs of Overwatch was how each character is tangibly unique, enough that they are visually distinguishable on first glance.  I wanted to have a similar approach to Sunburst's silhouette, as evidenced by experimenting with some simple shapes on the right side. I played with the idea of a short haired character, but I was attached to the idea of a physics-enabled braid.

Early Concept II

I'd started to feel happier with the silhouette; wanting now to hammer down her character narrative, and put that across through a posing.  Simultaneously I started to figure what kind of role she would fulfil; I opted for support, out of personal preference.

Early Concept III

"Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be."

Arc words, but also the core of Overwatch's design principles.  At this point the character's story would largely influence her appearance.  I wanted a positive representation of police, particularly from the Philippines.  To do this, I looked up non-lethal law enforcement devices and found her weapon in Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD).  Pair with the characteristic riot stick, it gave a very heroic idea of a "Sword and Shield".

Rendering and Refinement

Posing & Costume

I had settled on a dynamic pose to show the energy and optimism behind the character's idea.  As for the colors, I wanted it to not only reflect the flag colors, but as well as a known local comic book hero, called Darna.  While blue would be the primary color, red and gold would also cap off her design.

 Most other characters from Overwatch have a signifier to indicate their factions, occupations. As a policewoman, I did my best to do a Future-esque design of the Philippine National Police.

Since her character is based in a tropical area, shorter sleeves seemed fitting.  To make her feel mobile, I didn't want to encumber the design with too much "armor".


The weapons are also a significant part of the characters. I decided to understate the weapon, since I'd imagined most of her powers done by particle effects.  

At this point I was confident with rendering and proceeded to finalise everything.  I did my best to match the style done in various concept artpieces for Overwatch; soft shadows, sharp specular/lighting and a slight comic-like outline to them all. I had the most fun rendering the metallic parts.


I wanted to open up the design to criticism, since it didn't feel enough.  A good friend made a simple suggestion that I followed and made the proper adjustments for.

It made sense that she would have more than what was currently equipped; her narrative revolved around being a Search and Rescue unit, and so would have pockets, satchels carrying utility tools.


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