Artist.  Illustrator. Insatiable thirst for creativity.


I am an Australian illustrator and animator.

For 3D animations I animate mostly using Autodesk Products, Maya specifically. I can also sculpt models using Mudbox. With 2D animations I am well versed in animation with Adobe Flash.

My illustration skills utilise both Adobe products as well as other programs, such as Paint Tool SAI and Corel Painter.


For major work in college, I developed a demo for a 2D side scrolling shooter with colleagues, acting as Creative Director in the team. Using Unity3D as our engine, I assisted in importing all animation assets and making sure they interacting appropriately with their associated function.

I am also freelancing as a digital artist, taking on small-scale projects and commissions so as to continue honing my creative skills.


I am an avid gamer, enjoying it as both a source of entertainment and inspiration for future creative endeavours. It is my dream to be part of a team that sees a game fully published and have our project touch as many lives as possible, especially with the technology we have today.

As someone invested in the idea of social justice, I feel it is an obligation as someone with power in the industry to be able tell stories for people who do not have the words, and otherwise give representation for those who have none. With video games as an emergent media platform, it is the best possible medium for the change that our future needs.

tl;dr Make stories that entertain and enrich lives, leave our audience feeling like worthwhile human beings.

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